If you want to create an account in Axie Infinity to be able to generate income, it is necessary that you have a wallet in this very popular game so that you can save the tokens.

So that you can create a wallet in Ronin Wallet, the first thing you should do is install Ronin Wallet on your device. This can be done in a very simple way through the Chrome extension.

When creating the wallet you must also create a password. Once the password is created, you must copy the seed phrase in a place that withextremely safe sideres. Finally you need to confirm said phrase. After having finished with all the steps you must click on “create wallet”.

An important recommendation for your safety is that never share the seed phrase with anyone and make sure to save the phrase very well, since it remembers that it is with which you will be able to access your assets.

If you want to know more about how you can use the Ronin Wallet and aspects that are considered relevant, this article is the one, so keep reading.

What is the Ronin Wallet used for in Axie Infinity?

Ronin Wallet works as a digital wallet for Axie Infinity. This is the one that allows you to store the assets which in this case would be the tokens and ETH. In short, if you want to be able to start playing, first you need to download said wallet so that you can carry out your transactions.

Is it necessary to have a Ronin wallet in the game?

Ronin Wallet It was built by the same company behind the Axie Infinity game., and in addition to being reliable, it is essential.

Basically, you need to download the wallet because this is the one that gives you the possibility of being able to carry out transactions that you require in the game. If you do not have this wallet, you will not have place to store the ETH or your balance in SLP and AXS

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How can you deposit to your in-game wallet?

The first thing is connect Ronin Wallet account to MetaMask account, which is done from the Axie Infinity account. You have to take into account that the current balance you want to deposit must be in MetaMask. In the Axie Infinity account you can see a box that refers to deposit, which you must click to start the transaction.

After that, a box will appear indicating the account from which you want to make the transaction and the account to which you want to deposit. In short, you must write the amount you want to transfer and press the confirm button.

How to manage Ronin Wallet from the Chrome extension?

To begin with, it is good that you know that having the extension of Chrome, you can deposit or withdraw the assets you want in a very simple way.

Managing Ronin Wallet from Chrome is not a complicated task. The main thing is install the extension Ronin Wallet in the browser Chrome in case you don’t have it.

Then access the extension and when setting the password, follow the step of enter the requested words of the passphrase. Remember that this consists of phrases that you must save in the safest way possible so that you have the protection of them.

In order to configure the wallet in MetaMask, the first thing you have to do is make sure that add extension of MetaMask to Chrome and in doing so he presses the “start” button.

After that, you will see the option to “Create a wallet”, or if you already have one, go through the procedure to import the wallet. Later you may come across a suggestion from MetaMask for data collection, but if you are not interested you can press the “No thanks” button.

The next thing it asks you to do is create a password and once you write the one you like, proceed to back up the phrase. The last thing is to confirm the initial phrase and with this you would end the process. Only a series of tips will appear later that you can take into account and click on the button that says “All done”.